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What Prevents - or Helps - a Listing at RadioRow

Hi... I'm Ken Dardis. I created in 1999 as a way for radio stations to find listeners (and listeners to find the better radio stations online).

These are the rules I follow when deciding if a station gets listed:
The station must be streaming when I go to listen - no sound, no listing - simple enough.
I must have an email address for the station, even if it comes from the submission form.
Please make sure the station is complete - no "under construction" web sites will be considered.
If you are the owner of the station, state that on the submission - it will help you, and me.
Please make sure your "listen button" is easily found. If I can't easily find the way to listen to your station, chance are it won't be listed.
(I strongly suggest that there be a "listen" graphic - a headset, speaker, etc... for foreign language visitors.)

I visit each station web site, and have listened to each station that's listed at RadioRow. After a station is submitted it will get my full attention for consideration - even if it ends up being rejected. My goal is not to have the most stations listed, only the best.

If you have a question contact me directly through email. If you want to call - 440-564-7437 (Eastern Time Zone - USA).
NOTE: The only stations that will be considered for listing MUST be submitted from the submission page.
(Please don't use the above email link to submit.)

For fans of stations, please submit your favorite. Your opinion is valued, and your submissions are welcome.

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